About Umiskin Press

Umiskin Press is a not-for-profit publishing house/ private press, publishing commissioned and non-commissioned works – mainly, though not exclusively, of labour history, labour interest and trade union issues. The Press is mainly interested in publishing limited runs of between 150 and 500 copies in paperback and hardback editions which might not merit commercial publication and sale.

Umiskin (Umascan) is a townland in the parish of Kilcar, County Donegal, birthplace of the forbears of the Mc Ginleys. Dr Kieran Jack Mc Ginley is the Principal behind Umiskin Press whose first publication was Dear Madam: The Letters and Mails of Dermot Sweeney published in April 2012. The follow-up, sell-out publication was Eggs and Rashers: Irish Socialist Memories edited by D R O Connor Lysaght, which has been reprinted, bringing the run to 410 copies.

117 Dr. Mc Ginley has previously been Chairman and one of the directors of Watchword Ltd., which published Francis Devine’s second book of poetry May Dancer and six titles on trade unionism and labour between November 2007 and December 2012 – Striking a Chord; Dear Comrade; No Workers Republic; Told In Toberona; Painters in Union; Irish Labour Lives.

Unless an author has an agreement with another printer, Umiskin Press always uses CRM Design and Print – a company with strong Trade Union ethics and which produces extremely high quality publications.

Mike Mecham (R) presenting Christy Hammond of CRM with a Trade Union mug in gratitude for the hard work he put into the production of Mike’s biography of William Walker.

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